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When You Look Like Your Passport

Book Cover Image - When You Look Like Your Passport 260x420When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It’s Time to Go Home — Erma Bombeck is at her hilarious best in this tour de force of laughs! With honesty and insight, she offers tips and truisms all travelers can appreciate:

  • Beware of food that is described as, “Some Americans say it tastes like chicken.”
  • If you are in Germany, the bus driver will be Asian. If you are in Spain, the driver will be Russian. If you are touring France with a French driver, you are on the wrong bus.
  • Plumbing is the key to world power.
  • It’s time to go home when someone tells you an icon is over two million years old, is only steps from the bus, and you yawn and say, “Describe it to me.”

Wherever Erma travels, you’ll enjoy the trip led by America’s best-loved humorist.