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We’ll Meet Again

We’ll Meet Again – Dr. Gary Lasch, prominent doctor and founder of a HMO, is found dead in his home, and his wife, Molly, in bed covered with his blood. It was the Lasches’ housekeeper, who made the grisly discovery the morning after Molly’s unexpectedly early return from Cape Cod. As the evidence against Molly grows, her lawyer plea-bargains a manslaughter charge to avoid a murder conviction.

Released from prison nearly six years later, Molly reasserts her innocence to reporters, among them an old school friend, an investigative reporter and anchor for a true-crime show. Molly convinces the reporter to research and produce a program on her husband’s death, and as hidden aspects of Gary Lasch’s life and the affairs of Remington Health Management come to light, Fran herself becomes a target for murder.