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The Camelot Conspiracy

Book Cover Image - The Camelot ConspiracyThe Camelot Conspiracy – television reporter, Mary Katherine Kowicki, known as Kat, takes on powerful U.S. Senator, Lars Zorn, only to be demoted from Washington D.C. to Chicago. When she receives evidence about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination from a retired Chicago police detective, who worked on the assassination in November, 1963, Kat plunges into a decades old conspiracy and her life is rocked to the very core.

She investigates the new information, using the exclusive web site, a data brokerage firm founded by retired CIA Assistant Director and Kennedy aficionado, Philip Harding.

Kat makes a shocking discovery; becomes a target of former agents, and calls on Federal Agents Eva Montanna and Griff Topping for help in exposing a shadow government that is determined to keep hidden secrets, old and new.

Authors: Diane and David Munson; Reader: Jane Van Bemden