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Book Cover Image - Saved!Saved!: The Story of the Andrea Doria, the Greatest Sea Rescue in History – The story of how the Andrea Doria collided with the Stockholm. How was it possible for two mammoth ships to steer directly into each other? When tested by this disaster, some people became heroes and some behaved abominably. I will never forget the stories of the last man left alive aboard the Andrea Doria, the girl who was thrown in her bed from one ship to the other, the crew members of the Andrea Doria who dressed as women to get into the lifeboats, the woman who threw her baby into the sea because she panicked, the doctor who worked tirelessly to save his wife, or the Captain of the Andrea Doria finally addressing the ship after hours had passed with a single trembling word. With today’s sad new “Chicken of the Sea” cruise shipwreck incident, this book becomes more timely than ever. A review from the Internet by Nora.