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Murphy Must Have Been A Mother

Murphy Must Have Been A Mother – Teresa Bloomingdale, “the patron saint of beleaguered housewives,” believes that the originator of Murphy’s Law (“If anything can go wrong, it will”) must have been a mother. No doubt the long-suffering Mrs. Murphy, like her counter-part from Omaha, had to cope with a hypochondriac husband, chore-phobic off-spring, and garbage disposals that talk back. A mother of ten, Mrs. B. wages humorous battles on the home front daily. No wonder she suggests some personal corollaries to Murphy s Law like: “If your family and friends insist on celebrating your birthday,you’re forty; He who claims his child never lies, lies;” and “No family should attempt an auto trip if their kids outnumber the car windows.” Enjoy the warmhearted family accounts with the wonderful Mrs. B. Teresa Bloomingdale.