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Lawyer in Petticoats

Book Cover Image - Lawyer in PetticoatsLawyer in Petticoats - As a high school student, Farrow dreamed of becoming an attorney. In this auto-biography, she explains, “I was ambitious, but uncertain of how to earn my livelihood and work toward the fulfillment of my dreams. . . . If I were only a man, I’d certainly strive to become a lawyer.” Farrow began writing to law schools, only to be informed that women were not admitted. Her research, however, eventually led her to the newly opened Kansas City Law School, which had an evening program of study. After graduation, Farrow made the rounds looking for a position. Having been turned down by every law firm, Farrow opened a practice with another young female graduate of the Kansas City Law School, Anna L. Donahue. This is her story. Author: Tiera Farrow; Reader: Eleanor Shrader