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Colum McCann – Making Peace with Stories

Making Peace with Stories – Irish-born Colum McCann is a bestselling author who’s among the world’s foremost storytellers. Throughout his literary work, he has moved seamlessly from Ireland’s Troubles to Eastern Europe’s Romani camps to the World Trade Center’s dizzying heights and the conflict in the Holy Land. He is hailed by critics and readers alike as a writer of style and substance who is a poetic realist and a literary risk-taker. He can brave the darkness within his stories’ subject matter in order to reach the light on the far side—however compromised it may be. McCann is also a co-founder of the global charity Narrative 4 which brings young people from all over the world together to walk in one another’s shoes. Narrative 4 seeks to develop a generation of radically empathetic leaders, facilitating the sharing of over 48,000 stories across 20 states and 12 countries.