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Calling the Midwest Home

Book Cover Image - Calling the Midwest HomeCalling the Midwest Home: A Lively Look at the Origins, Attitudes, Quirks, and Curiosities of America’s Heartlanders - Midwesterners are different… Midwesterners will tell you that they are a rare breed — different from their neighbors to the north, south, east, or west. Ask them why and they’ll explain it’s because of the midwestern code of ethics, which demands that they be honest, help neighbors when they need it, and use common sense on a regular basis. Filled with fascinating facts and unforgettable stories, Calling the Midwest Home is a tribute to Midwesterners everywhere. With generous wit, Carolyn Lieberg gives permission to those who live in the Midwest to revel in its unequaled and varied history and culture. To those who live elsewhere, she offers an enchanting glimpse of life “in the Middle.”

Author: Carolyn Lieberg; Reader: Bob Schmidt