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Ben Hogan’s Secret

Book Cover Image - Ben Hogan's SecretBen Hogan had a secret. Or so it is said. Because of Hogan’s unparalleled mastery of the game, many have speculated that he had discovered some special technique, some change in swing or grip that made fellow tour members feel he was nearly unbeatable: A four-time PGA player of the year, five-time Vardon Trophy winner, and one of only four golfers to win all of the Grand Slam titles. Despite a near-fatal accident at the peak of his career, which left doctors wondering whether he would even walk again, Hogan not only returned to golf but picked up a U.S. Open title in his first season back. A few years later he went on to win three major tournaments in the same season – a feat no other professional has done before or since. Author Bob Thomas shows us what Hogan found in golf, and ultimately what golf found in Hogan.