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Book Cover Image - BearstoneBearstone - An award-winning adventure set along Colorado’s Continental Divide, 14-year-old Cloyd Atcitty is sent to work for an old rancher named Walter. While hiking in the cliffs above Walter’s ranch, Cloyd discovers a turquoise bearstone in an ancient burial site. Knowing that his people, the Utes, have a special relationship with bears, he decides to keep the small stone in hopes it will bring him strength. Cloyd is thrilled when Walter proposes that the two of them go up into the mountains together to reopen the old man’s gold mine, The Pride of the West. Riding his horse far from their camp, Cloyd comes face-to-face with the last grizzly bear in Colorado, only to find that there’s a trophy hunter stalking the bear. In the story’s exciting climax, Cloyd tries to warn the bear and to save Walter, who has been injured in a mining explosion. Author: Will Hobbs; Reader: Barbara Amberg.